Kauhale is a new approach to offer housing for neighbors who have experienced persistent homelessness. The development and operations of kauhale will be modeled (in part) after Community First Village in Austin, TX - a 51 acre master-planned community successfully housing Austin's chronically homeless population.


As a community-centered model, kauhale provide the opportunity to thrive for our neighbors experiencing homelessness. They are an answer to the unmet need and desire of neighbors who are homeless who seek a community to call home. HomeAid Hawaii is partnering with government to explore developing kauhale on available state land. Currently four parcels have been identified as possibilities. Check out our SPOTLIGHT below on the 36 tiny home unit Kalaeloa Kauhale.

Kauhale SPOTLIGHT: Kalaeloa

HomeAid Hawaii is developing a kauhale located in Kalaeloa, Oahu. There will be 36 tiny homes with shared community facilities. US Vets has been selected by the state to operate and manage the kauhale. H4 will provide on-site medical services.  We continue to seek partners for this project. Please contact us to kokua.


Meet The Builder Captain Team 

Donating Time and Professional Services

Builder Team Consultants & Donors

Harry Saunders, Castle and Cooke Homes Hawaii

Darian Chun, Castle and Cooke Homes Hawaii

​Daryl Takamiya, Castle and Cooke Homes Hawaii

Jed Miyazaki, Castle and Cooke Homes Hawaii

Ken Sakurai, Coastal Construction Company Inc.

Jacob Johnson, Hale Partners

Brandon Eshenour, Hale Partners

Mike Goshi, Design Partners Inc.

Ryan Kamo, Design Partners Inc.

Randolph Bautista, Design Partners Inc.

Kevin Fujikawa, Takano Nakamura Landscaping

David Oifer and Linda Zarchin

Stanford Carr Development

Kevin Carney, EAH Housing

Colleen Mizuno, Unlimited Construction

Albert C. Kobayashi

Isle Communities

Jonathan Kam, Moss Construction

Doug Johnstone, Howard Hughes Corporation - Hawaii

Emily Rosenbaum, Hawaii Lighting Reps

Paul Irwin, Elemental LED

Robin Lim, Geolabs

Gerald Seki, Geolabs

Keith Uemura, Park Engineering

Sean Sugai, Ronald N.S. Ho & Associates Inc.

Ken Hayashida, Kai Hawaii

Tim Goshi, Kai Hawaii

Kale Flagg, Energy Optimization Services

Brian Yee, Hawaii Gas

Cliff Tillotson, Prometheus Construction

Troy Ogasawara, Geotech

Paul Adachi, Paul's Electrical

Jon Rapisura, Coastal Contruction Co., Inc.

Bob Weigel, Unitek

Michael Chen, ADON

Chris Williams, ADON

Dawn Tanaka, ADON

Jose Zetino, ADON

Ashkan Zeinalzadeh, ADON

Phoebe Tse, ADON

Jae Kwak, ADON

Paul Orem, Photonworks

Enviro Services

Irene Tsang, InSynergy

Matthew Chan, InSynergy

Jerry Lum-Akana, InSynergy

Jason Huynh, InSynergy

Kawika McKeague, G70

Kauahi Ching, G70

Kenneth Young, GP Roadway Solutions


Mike Fujimoto, HPM Roofing

Paul Kay, Hunt Development Group

Alex Dosen, Kalaeloa Water Company

Stuart Lowe, Lifeline Fire and Security

Jalene Kanani, Noho Home

Fred Patterson, Patterson Sales

Stan Duncan, PBR Hawaii

Jalene Hitzman, Prosec Flooring

Leonard Leong, Royal Contracting

Jade Richardson, Road Builders Corporation

Terrance Chun, Road Builders Corporation

Kendall Leonard, Architectural Intern 

Taylor Maertens, Mid City Restaurant Supply

Alan Ong 200x250_edited.jpg

Alan Ong

A&M Developments Inc.


Russ Wozniak

I-On Group LLC

Chad photo.jpg

Chad Johnston

Wayfinder Pacific

Marshall Prather.jpg

Marshall Prather

PSH! Design Group


Jake Johnson

Hale Partners