Pandemic Speeds Up Construction Start on Master Planned Village for Neighbors Experiencing Homelessness

"Soon this house will end someone's homelessness."

Allyson Blair, Hawaii News Now

HomeAid Hawaii Conducts Construction Industry PPE Drive Amid COVID-19 Shortage

"Hawaii's construction industry called up to help health care providers amid a shortage of PPE."

Timothy Hurley, Star-Advertiser

Community Cabana Constructed for First Kauhale

"The big concept is community. Community taking care of community; four walls isn't gonna get you talking to your neighbor."

Allyson Blair, Hawaii News Now

Kauhale Housing Clusters Hold Promise

"This could be a major "make it work" moment in the islands' homelessness crisis."

Star-Advertiser Editorial Board

Kauhale Generating Donations

"As a community, if we can all come together and put our resources together, it would be extremely beneficial."

Dan Nakaso, Star-Advertiser

First Kauhale Homes Going Up

"It's a brand new approach, and it's permanent housing."

Dan Nakaso, Star-Advertiser

Kalaeloa Site Identified for First Kauahale

"Neighbors experiencing homelessness need community. Housing alone is not the answer. Kauhale is the new approach that incorporates community, housing, and service. It can restore purpose and dignity for all of us."

Allyson Blair, Hawaii News Now

HomeAid Hawaii Partners with Lt. Governor Josh Green on Master Planned Kauhale Communities

"Throwing people away doesn't do anything. They suffer. They cost a fortune at our hospitals, and they go back to suffering. This kind of place will restore their life. Give us six months and a free hand to go, and we can do this with HomeAid."

Allyson Blair, Hawaii News Now

Local Connection Interview - Rick Blangiardi, General Manager Hawaii News Now & Nani Medeiros, Executive Director HomeAid Hawaii

"Those who benefit from growing our economy, have a responsibility to help those left behind."

Rick Blangiardi, Hawaii News Now


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